This is our pledge to Clubs which affiliate to REBUS NZ INCORPORATED.

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This website has been established to assist Clubs previously affiliated to Probus South Pacific Ltd, (PSPL) who now find themselves legally obliged to remove the word “PROBUS” from their name, but wish to otherwise continue to provide services to active retirees.


Rebus NZ Incorporated is offering Clubs in this position, the opportunity to obtain accreditation as a REBUS Club without the need to affiliate to any alternative NZ organization whose structure and governance may have fallen short of their expectations.


Adherence to the principles upon which Clubs were founded, is maintained by the adoption of a similar Rebus Constitution which as former PSPL affiliates, enshrines those principles to which they have adhered for decades.


REBUS recognizes that Clubs should retain their autonomy and be free from any political influences leaving them to concentrate on the enjoyment of the fellowship and conviviality for which the former organization had become known world-wide.


The board of REBUS is made up of Presidents, Life Members and current board members, who collectively, have decades of experience in their former Clubs and are totally dedicated to the creation of a new non-political Service Centre. View their individual CV’s on this website.