Endorsements of Rebus

At the February meeting of the Rebus Club of Upper Hutt, the planned annual review of “a year with Rebus”` took place. Many positive comments were made about what had been a most satisfactory year under the Rebus banner –  a year almost entirely free of the problems that had dogged us in the past. The aim of Rebus to establish a “Service Centre” has been highly successful and congratulatory comments were made on communications, publications, the prompt response to any enquiries, the Travel Insurance opportunities as well as other features

What a pleasure to be affiliated to an efficient well run organization that Rebus NZ Incorporated is.As secretary for the past three and half years of the River City Probus Club (now  River City Rebus Club) the position has been one of turmoil. Having a constantly filled email box resulting in several volumes of hard copy information. Belonging to Rebus has reduced the secretarial work load to almost nil which now lets our committee’s energies go to what we were originally set up to do that being providing fun fellowship and friendship for our members uninterrupted. Another positive is that I believe it will be considerably easier to attract members to come on the committee as there now is no longer the disharmony and allegations we have had to put up with through mismanagement that resulted in considerable work load keeping members informed. We have been very fortunate that our members and committee were very supportive of affiliation to Rebus Inc. And that it has been a very smooth transition.

Hopefully many more clubs will affiliate to Rebus Inc. And enjoy the simple concept as we now have found.

Congratulations to the team who initiated Rebus Inc.  May it long continue. Kind Regards, Phyl van den Broek,Secretary, River City Rebus Club. Wanganui.

Greetings to all. I want to thank the members who came to our last meeting and took part in the vote for our
Club’s future. It was unfortunate that we have had to do this but the reason was really beyond our
control. The motion was agreed to that we dis-associate from Fellowship N.Z (Previously Probus N.Z.) and
we affiliate with Rebus N.Z.

I would like to quote from the latest Rebus Newsletter : “We invite you to have courage – take a step forward
and support an organization which will not interfere with the way you run your Club or have procedures which will need to involve your committee and members with endless discussions on political matters.
MORE TIME FOR ENJOYING THE THREE Fs, Fun,Fellowship & Friendship”

 This we have done and whilst this means we will lose the Probus name eventually, I am sure we will all adjust to this outcome. (President)

Dear Graeme, I’m writing personally to thank you and your team in establishing , with Rebus, a foundation on which we may rebuild what remains of the former “Probus” world in NZ.

It is difficult to accept that through mismanagement and wrong decisions PNZL has in many ways killed Probus in NZ and without major further expenditure the Clubs affiliated to it will not regain the name “Probus”. A sad situation. 

Hi Graeme,
Wow, at last a positive course of action I feel confident to discuss with our Club members when next we meet.

Congratulations to you and your colleagues on taking this action. What a mess recent events have been within PNZI!!! To think after all the work you and the other Steering Committee members put in, the Chairman just gave in to PSPL………………..With every good wish for Rebus in future.

Greetings Graeme, Your contact was a breath of fresh air.  Well done. If you are able to send me a copy of your constitution… that would be great…. Many thanks, and good luck.

Hello Graeme:  I guess that there has been and will be a lot of hard work to be done in the change in Probus from PSPLtd.   It seems as if PNZInc missed the bus over an appeal against the Australian organisation. Your new organisation has secured a name and seems set to light up New Zealand.

Hi Graeme, Your letter was a breath of fresh air and I will do what I can personally to drive affiliation to REBUS though our membership . It will be a little way off however as we have a break followed by an AGM.