Our Objectives

The Rebus Rules (Constitution) outline our objectives

 a) To provide accreditation to those Clubs previously affiliated to either Probus
South Pacific Ltd or Probus New Zealand Incorporated, or any other Club
which has adopted the Standard Rules for accredited Clubs as
provided by the Society.

b) Hold and maintain the register of accredited Rebus Clubs in New Zealand.

c) Foster and support among those Clubs accredited by the Society, the
principles of Fun, Fellowship and Friendship.

d) Investigate and where possible, arrange Public Liability Insurance for
accredited Clubs and Travel Insurance access for members of accredited
Clubs, on terms appropriate for seniors.

e) Design a logo for the Society and take all appropriate steps to ensure that
both the logo and Rebus name are protected against improper use by nonaffiliated

f) Provide other basic services as agreed by the Society, its members and
accredited Clubs.

g) It shall not be, or be seen to be a fund raising body.

In respect to d) Public Liability Insurance to cover a Club against any claim made by a third party for loss or damage to property, any Club who has affiliated will be covered up to $10M subject to payment of affiliation fees.

Access to Travel Insurance in terms of those arranged for PNZI, will remain available.

Article e) A logo has been professionally designed and will be protected by trade-mark.