Our age group are frequent overseas travellers. With advancing years comes some medical conditions which may make one cautious about travel away from home – especially without the comfort of Traveller’s medical insurance. There are many quality Travel Insurers operating in NZ but most impose age limits or reduced cover if the traveller is over a specified age.

Disclosure of any pre-existing medical condition is an absolute pre-requisite when making an application for cover.

Some Insurers will decline to cover certain conditions – or require an additional premium if the condition is one they are prepared to insure. In our experience, most travellers who do have a pre-existing condition, would not contemplate travel if their condition was at all likely to occur. In other words, their condition is “controlled”.

Willis NZ Ltd, a firm of international Brokers have arranged a special policy with Dual NZ Ltd, an  international insurer with an excellent reputation. (we suggest you Google both)

They have designed a “Fit to Travel”  policy which will cover any pre-existing medical condition, subject to the traveller’s Doctor completing a “Fit to Travel” Certificate, not more than 21 days before the date of the application.

From the drop-down menu, you may download both the Application, Fit to Travel Certificate (and premuim rates). Just send these two off to the address on the Application Form along with the cheque for the premium.

PLEASE NOTE. Rebus draws your attention to the maximum limits for any medical expense claim of $100k under this policy. That may sound like a large sum, but incapacity in North America where there are no reciprocal medical benefits such as may apply in the UK and in Australia, may not be sufficient. As well, you are urged to read the  policy conditions and satisfy yourself that this cover is right for you.

Rebus does not receive any commission or benefit of any kind from any policy taken out with Willis/Dual. It is offered merely as a service. The responsibility for the choice of Insurer and type of policy is yours.


 (Please click on the following links to view and print as  PDF documents)

DUAL NZ REBUS Application Form

DUAL NZ REBUS Travel Insurance Fees

DUAL NZ REBUS Travel Insurance Wording


Fit to Travel Doctor’s Certificate

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